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My name is Chris Thompson. I enjoy visiting churches and experiencing the worship experiences of many religions.  In Alaska I’ve been doing just that and blogging about those visit experiences since 2008. The initial church visit experience is one that either makes or breaks a guests perception about revisiting that church. Five to eight minutes, after arrival, is the average decision time guests take to make that decision.

When I visit churches I look for four things:

  • Warm Welcome
  • Feeling of Genuine Hospitality
  • Music Enhancing the Service, Not to Entertain
  • Well-delivered Sermons, Homilies or Messages

I currently write weekly columns for the Anchorage Dispatch News.  My work was previously published in column and blog form for the Anchorage Daily News. In 2015 Alaska Dispatch purchased ADN and continue to publish a daily newspaper.

This website is a mirror site for all my articles, and blog posts. You will find a convenient tag cloud on my main page to direct you to my major writing themes. What I do is unique, attempted by few writers.  I hope your visit will inform and enliven your faith.

Chris Thompson

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  1. Jim

    A very nice piece for the ADN. My wife met you over supper at the ER Institute one evening. She was the pretty red-head.

    Although my family lived on Monastery Dr. Eagle River for 20 years, we now live in Homer. We rent a large log house just outside of Homer. When you do visit Homer please consider staying with us. We have two large unused bedrooms. Now that our 6 kids have left the nest we have plenty of room for visitors.

    Our Church is a small one – only about 20 people on a normal Sunday – but we are enthusiastic.

    Jim Patras
    Homer, Alaska

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