Faith…It’s Not Just a Religious Term

[img_assist|nid=125040|title=|desc=This simple sign on Wisconsin Ave. identifies Faith Christian Community’s complex.|link=none|align=left|width=350|height=248]In West Anchorage on Wisconsin just north of Lake Hood, there is an unassuming building going deep into the lot. The only identification is a simple sign with Faith Christian Community displayed. Close to that sign is another with the times of worship noted. On March 16 I turned my car into the parking lot for the 11 a.m. service. There is ample parking here, although I was quite a way back in the rear parking lot.

Warm greeting, beautiful music upon entering
Coming through the rear entrance, I was warmly greeted and given a bulletin by a mother and her two younger children. Once in the worship auditorium I was struck by the beauty of a musical duet accompanied by guitar. This was a treat and well before the service started. Promptly at 11 a.m. a 9 piece band started playing. They played fairly upbeat tunes the words of which were projected on a huge screen in the front of the church. I like the way Faith displays the words, as they tend to be against inspirational pictoral backdrops. Thankfully some of the music was familiar prompting me to sing along.

Casual and comfortable
The auditorium is comfortable and spacious, aided by a balcony. It is a very casual church with lots of blue jeans, and few coats/ties. The typical “meet n’ greet”, which I do not particularly enjoy, was held. I shook about five hands and sat back down. They do not take up a regular offering at Faith. It is totally free-will and there are receptacles for it in the foyer. What a great idea and better use of church time!
[img_assist|nid=125041|title=An unassuming exterior hides Faith’s warm sanctuary.|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=350|height=138]
For God so loved…
Steve Holtsinger is the senior pastor and he spoke this day. The theme of his sermon was John 3:16, a beloved text of hope. The title was 3:16, a takeoff on Max Lucado’s latest book 3:16. As this was the Sunday before Easter, I felt this was a most appropriate theme for the sermon. There was a large cross lying at an angle in front of the pulpit, a tangible reminder of this time of the Christian year.

Pastor Holsinger helpfully had key lesson thoughts projected on the screen. The keywords he employed were “Whoever”, “However”, “Whenever” and “Wherever” tying the theme of the sermon to Jesus’ parable of the laborers in the vineyard. It was a beautiful sermon and well presented.

This do in remembrance of me…
The service concluded with communion as is offered at each Faith service on the weekends. I always feel that the offering of the bread and wine, especially at Easter, is a meaningful expression of the Christian faith. This time was no exception. The band came back up to play worshipful music during communion.

Faith is fortunate in that they maintain a coffee shop in their fellowship area in back of the sanctuary. Many of the parishoners gather here either before or after the service for their favorite coffee beverage and some good conversation. It’s been my experience Faith treats newcomers well, but is uneven in that regard. That being said, this is a warm and comfortable church, worthy of a newcomer visit.

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