Youth Lead Sunday Evening Service…A Pleasant First!

Recently I blogged my visit to Church of Christ South Anchorage. Despite favorable or unfavorable visit experiences, it’s unusual to be invited back by a visited church. Despite that norm, I did receive an invitation for a return visit, for a Sunday evening service, from Willard Holliday, pastor. I took him up on it.

Not Your Ordinary Presenters
What was so unusual about my return visit was the service was entirely led by youth of this remarkable church. Ranging in age from 11 to 18, they shared in the responsibilities of leading an inspiring service. I counted nine (9) participants leading music, praying, reading scripture, and officiating over the Lord’s Supper.

Strong in Faith
Other churches may use their youth in a similar fashion, but I’ve not seen it. It’s common to criticize the direction the youth of today sometimes take. However involving them responsibly in spiritual matters is certainly a huge step in the right direction. In my previous visit blog about this church, I wrote I was pleased the scripture reading was given with diction and feeling by one of the youth, something I’ve also not seen in other church visits.

The boy who delivered the lesson this evening was 13. He was a little nervous but did well drawing his lesson from Ephesians 4. This was a well-attended, warm and sincere service. This church is to be commended for giving their youth an opportunity to put their budding talents to good use. Thanks to this church for asking me back this time. And my best wishes to Joseph, Lee, Patrick, Michael, Aaron, Daniel, Norris, Anthony, and Shaun as you continue to grow in your Christian experience.

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