Christian Courage, It’s Still Alive!

Recently, I was teaching in a senior high school classroom. At the end of the day, after the students had turned in their papers, stacked their chairs, and exited the classroom, I noticed one young girl still working at her desk. I told her it was time to go. Thinking she hadn’t heard me I prepared to mention it again as I wanted to leave. Finally, I saw her getting up and coming toward me. Giving me her paper, she also gave me a little tract, mumbling something like “this is for you.” It was one of those little tracts from a local church entitled, Heaven/Hell – The Choice is Yours. I put it in my backpack, forgetting about it until the other day.

While I don’t particularly agree with the blunt confrontational tone of the tract, I applaud the girl for her courage in sharing it with me. And thank God I live in a country where we can share our beliefs without fear. I don’t know if she was breaking some school rule for doing what she did and don’t care. It took guts for her to hand it to someone she’d never met before that day. Right now there are Christians in India who are being murdered for their faith. Daily, the news sources bring stories of persecution, murder, torture, and church burnings from Nigeria, Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia, Laos and many other countries. Click here for more.

Next time someone gives you one of these tracts, or rings your doorbell some night to give you one, be kind. And send thanks to God for living in a land where freedom of religion is a right.

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