Guest Blog – Chris Walker’s “10 Tips for Greeters”

Sorry this blog entry is delayed but I’ve been ill the past couple of weeks and am just getting back up to speed. Recently I became aware of Chris Walker, blogger and religious trainer. He found my Church Visit blog on the web, publicized it on his, and contacted me to introduce himself. Two weeks ago, he was a speaker at an evangelism workshop at Victory Bible Camp in Palmer. On his way back home, we met at the Anchorage airport to get acquainted. One of the things I discovered about Chris is that he is also a Mystery Church Visitor, offering visits and after visit reports on potential improvements to the ways churches deal with visitors. The “10 Tips for Greeters” below is from his website and offers useful advice for churches, members, and visitors. See 10 Tips for Church Greeters at

The extract below is from this website. By clicking above, you will be taken to the full entry on Chris’ website.

Here are 10 tips for greeters. Remember, it’s more than a handshake.

1. Smile.
2. Fresh breath.
3. Make eye contact
4, Take initiative and greet.
5. Don’t ask “Are you new?”
6. Don’t ask “Is this your first time?”
7. Offer a bulletin if your church uses them.
8. Personal warmth — look like you enjoy welcoming people.
9. Say “I don’t think I’ve met you yet, I’m {insert your name here}”
10. If they are new, offer to show them where the restrooms are and offer information about childcare if necessary.

If you are a visitor at a church and you do not find the suggestions above are in use, this church may not be prepared to deal with you, the visitor. Always give a church a second chance, but if they cannot deal with you, one wonders if they can effectively deal with other visitors or possibly their own members. Many organizations put their best and most tactful people in front of the public to create a good and lasting impression. Why should churches be any different?

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