Christmas Eve: Service Times Shown on Websites by Thoughtful Churches

The following Anchorage churches gave prominent attention to their Christmas Eve services on their websites. Times were easily seen on the first screen, often in striking ways. Thanks to these churches for this great community service! It is obvious they understand how the Internet is reshaping the way churches communicate with the public.

* Trinity Presbyterian – Awesome Webpage
* Cornerstone Church – Just Right & Tasteful
* Amazing Grace Lutheran
* City Church
* First Baptist Church
* Anchorage Grace
* Holy Family Cathedral
* First Presbyterian
* Community Covenant – Eagle River – Can’t Miss It
* The Crossing – Birchwood – Wait For It
* Anchor Park UMC
* Christ Community Church
* Anchorage Bible Fellowship

In addition to event postings and display ads in the newspaper, webpage postings should be a “no-brainer”. Unfortunately, a Christmas Eve survey of many local church websites found either a single line of mention out of sight on a webpage or no mention at all. If your church is not listed above, you are probably in this category. I may have missed some churches, for which I apologize. I surveyed most of the churches I regularly visit and comment upon. Christmas Eve is one of the heaviest church attendance nights of the year. Why ignore drawing attention to it?

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