Fourth Sunday of Advent is Today

Today the three previously lit Advent candles are relighted, and joined in lighting by the fourth candle, whose theme is Peace. The following prayer, located on the noted website, is an excellent example of an Advent candle lighting prayer for 4th Advent Sunday.[img_assist|nid=146191|title=4th Advent Candles – First UMC|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=350|height=226]

Lord God, we light this candle to thank you for your Son our Savior Jesus Christ, who is the Prince of Peace. We who live in discord and strife have found peace in the promise of eternal life, through Jesus Christ. We give you thanks and praise in Jesus’ name, because he lives and reigns with you in your glory, and in the unity of the Holy Spirit, Amen.
Rev. Ken Collins’ Website

Often the candle is lit by someone other than clergy, but last week, at Holy Cross Catholic Church, Fr. Dan lit the candles. When lighting the JOY candle, he noted how the term JOY would be used throughout the whole of the service. What a powerful illustration and introduction to the term he made! The next and final Advent candle lighted will be the Christ candle, usually the center candle which is white. It is lit on Christmas Eve.

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