Anchorage Bible Fellowship: Hiding Again on Elmore

I’m puzzled by Anchorage Bible Fellowship’s huge sign on Elmore Road. Last fall I wrote in this blog post that their prominently situated sign carried a cute phrase but no worship times. I was thrilled to discover ABF had started posting the worship times on the sign about a week later and acknowledged it in this blog post. Lately I’ve noticed another phrase is once again gracing the sign and the worship times are missing. Maybe a reader knows why ABF took the worship times down. If so, post a comment here.

Signage with worship times clearly posted and readable by passing traffic is a critical factor in attracting visitors. It says the church is open for worship at this time. People remember critical worship time information long after the catchy phrase, so typical of these types of signs, is forgotten. In a future blog post I intend to give a brief history of this genre of sign and what a commercial success they’ve been.[img_assist|nid=148038|title=Anchorage Bible Fellowship Sign – February 4, 2010|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=350|height=208]

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