Chapel By The Sea: Another Unexpected Anchorage Service

Several of the Chapel by the Sea on February 14. Most notably there was a deficit of greetings, website maintenance, and preannouncement of guest speakers. The church was crowded with more than 200 people present for the 2nd of two services this Sunday morning. Before the service commenced the noise level was high and atypical for a church of this size. But the music, prayers, and sense of church family was strong and to my liking. The special missions emphasis was not announced on the website and contributed to a long service. I left after 1 3/4 hours to attend the Full Communion Celebration with the Lutherans (ELCA) and Methodists (UMC). I will revisit this church at a later date to observe a more typical service.[img_assist|nid=150253|title=Chapel By The Sea|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=350|height=161]

Invitation Brought Me Here
Last summer, while on a church retreat, a member of
As noted, I intend to revisit this church at a some point in the future. I do feel they could benefit from a sharper focus on greeting and hospitality, adoption of a more reverent pre-service atmosphere, excepting visitors from feeling offering giving is expected, preannouncing service particulars on their website, i.e. regular preaching vs. guest speakers, and shortening other aspects of their service when special presentations are likely to run long.


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