Good Friday 2010 Has Arrived

Good Friday in 1964 saw Anchorage beset with a disaster of unprecedented proportions, the Good Friday Earthquake. Almost 2,000 years ago at this time, a disaster of unexpected consequences worked it’s way through Jerusalem in the trial and crucifixion of Jesus. Today, Christians worldwide remember this event with somber observances. Practiced differently by various religions, it still amounts to the same thing: Christ was killed on this day to ransom mankind from evil.

In many churches, alters are draped, interiors are darkened, and music reflects the darkest emotions and remembrances. Not all churches have services as they believe the focal point of Jesus’ life should be remembered in every sermon and observance of their religion. Thus, most Christians today tend to unite on the centrality of Christendom, the death, burial, and unexpected hope of the resurrection to be celebrated on Easter Sunday.

Whatever your belief, I encourage you to take an opportunity to share another faith’s observance of Good Friday. A Google search using these search terms, good friday services 2010 anchorage,* shows over 71,000 results which should help direct you to a meaningful service in the area.
*Google searches do not require capitalizations or punctuations. My terms are intentional.

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