African Children’s Choir Shines at City Church

Alaska has been truly blessed by the current visit of the African Children’s Choir. Composed primarily of 7-11 year olds who have lost one or both parents, they are an amazing tribute to Christian leadership and direction. Tonight I attended an outstanding near-capacity concert by this group at City Church. Their energetic movements and dancing when singing, accompanied by several children expertly playing rhythm on drums, gave exquisite expression to mostly upbeat Christian music, and a few traditional African village or folk songs.[img_assist|nid=152850|title=African Children’s Choir Smiling Through a Beautiful Performance|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=350|height=142]

As a regular visitor of area churches, I often comment how expressionless the musicians are. During this church performance, the children’s constant smiles were continually reflected back by the audience. Christian musicians can take a lesson from these precious kids. Smiling is truly infectious! They paid rapt attention to every direction given by their leader, Tony.

My favorite selection was “O Happy Day” the Edwin Hawkins song that made it into the Top 40 years ago. Kudos to their sponsors, chaperones, and open hearted Alaskans for bringing this group of over 20 kids to warm our hearts. It is a most fitting reminder that all are not as fortunate as ourselves in this world. After a brief intermission, the kids introduced themselves, one at at time, and their future ambitions. Would that more of our 7-11 year old children be more focused at this time in their lives. Through music, Christian education, and inspired leadership, these kids are well on their way to break the cycle of poverty in their native lands.

Try to catch one of their concerts. They’ll be in the Anchorage and Mat-Su area giving concerts through August 29. A full schedule can be found by clicking HERE.

To learn more about their organization, it’s history and purpose, as well as the various choirs over twenty five years, click HERE.

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