Pastoral Promises: Survey Results

Survey Results Surprising
Reader sentiment was pulsed regarding unfulfilled pastoral promises per my previous blog post. Although this was an unscientific survey, it is an indication of a problem people don’t tolerate in friendships, and find unsettling in trusted relationships represented by pastors and parishioners.

40% of survey respondents reported they were promised something by their pastors that did not come to fruition. The pastoral promises, were grouped as follows:
1. Request for personal meeting (counseling, study, etc)
2. Request for family service (baptism, funeral, wedding, etc)
3. Social (sharing a meal, event)
4. Other

Respondents indicated unfulfilled promises were most prevalent for #1, and #3. No respondents indicated #2 as an area of concern.

Respondents were asked to indicate the end results of the failure of the pastor to fulfill their commitment in the following groupings:
1. We stopped attending this church.
2. We started attending another church in this denomination.
3. We started attending church in another denomination.
4. Other

Saddest of all, most respondents indicated #1, and #4. One respondent indicated “We stopped expecting him to keep his word.” Another noted, with resignation, that the pastor “…is busy.”

I believe a “man’s word is his bond”. It’s important that promises be kept, and especially so when a pastor, a “man of God”, is making them. Promises should never be made unless they are genuine.

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