Many Christmas Eve Church Service Choices

I’m sorry I won’t be in Anchorage this Christmas Eve to celebrate the birth of Christ as in years past. However, a Google search reveals there are many great service choices to select from. Using the search terms: christmas eve church services anchorage 2010 I located many great service selections.

Page 1 & 2 of these search results highlighted the following churches offering Christmas Eve services:
-Christian Church of Anchorage
-Brother Francis Shelter
-Central Lutheran
-City Church
-Trinity Presbyterian
-St. John United Methodist
-St. Mary’s Episcopal
-Muldoon Community Assembly
-Shiloh Missionary Baptish

I show only page 1 & 2 highlights because most searchers tend to look at the first couple of pages of a search. If a churches’ Christmas Eve offerings are not displayed, it’s often because they are not following solid Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rules and are overlooked.

If you substitute the name of a specific church in the search phrase, as shown below, you can find if services at a favorite church are being offered.

anchorage baptist temple christmas eve services anchorage 2010

Anchorage Baptist Temple (ABT) did not show up first choice on this search but did occupy positions 2, 3 & 4. However, these listings were not clear “at-a-glance” listings, but PDF’s that proved to be problematic for Google. Previously I’ve commented that ABT’s website is a confusing display of information and this search validates this comment. Otherwise, as Alaska’s second largest church, they’d appear in the pages 1 & 2 listings noted earlier.

Nonetheless, I wish each of you a blessed Christmas Eve service and a Merry Christmas!

From Ellensburg, Washington
Chris Thompson
ADN’s Church Visitor

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