Anchorage Church Signs: Best/Worst Wk. of 3-20-11

Too many church signs in Anchorage area churches violate most principles of good church signage. Every week, I’ll be posting pictures of church signs I consider to be the best examples of what a sign should be, as well as pictures of signs that violate principles of a proper sign.

Good Sign Criteria

*Clearly readable at the posted speed limit
*Name of church, church webpage address, service times (optional)

Great Sign[img_assist|nid=156373|title=Cornerstone’s Eyecatching Sign|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=350|height=284]
Cornerstone has been using different eyecatching signs, clearly readable northbound on the Seward traveling at 65 mph. It is located just past O’Malley going north. The sign is covering their normal sign displaying their church name. Although the church name is not showing, and webpage address missing, their strategy is effective. More churches could examine temporary use of this approach. I recommend they add their webpage address to be completely effective, but commend them for their fresh approach.

Poor Sign[img_assist|nid=156374|title=Christian Church of Anchorage – O’Malley & Lk. Otis|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=350|height=191]
This sign, located at the busy O’Malley and Lake Otis intersection, is unreadable at the posted speed limits. It’s a tricky intersection anyway, and guaranteed not to generate much driver attention. The cute phrase dominates the sign while service times are unreadable from the road, and there is no website address. Unfortunately it a dated style, detracting from the church, which I consider to be a solid church. I recommend they replace or seriously update this sign. A business could not afford to have a poorly performing sign such as this.

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