Anchorage Church Signs: Best/Worst Wk. of 4-3-11

Too many signs at Anchorage area churches violate most principles of good church signage. Each week, I’ll be posting pictures of church signs I consider to be the best examples of what a sign should be, as well as pictures of signs that violate principles of a proper sign.

Good Sign Criteria
*Clearly readable at the posted speed limit
*Name of church, church webpage address, service times (optional)

Good Sign[img_assist|nid=156558|title=City Church Sign – 100th & Minnesota|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=350|height=208]
City Church has a temporary sign clearly identifying their church name via their web address. It also highlights upcoming worship times for Easter, though not the date, an inconvenience for the unchurched who may be unaware of Easter’s timing this year. While not lighted, it provides good visibility of their church activities to offramp traffic to Westbound 100th, or north to Dimond. The sign is also visible to Northbound Minnesota traffic which travels at 60 mph in this section. The sign also features the upcoming Blessing of the Bikes on the Parkstrip in May. A few Anchorage churches are making good use of temporary signs, of which this is an example.

Poor Sign[img_assist|nid=156559|title=Muldoon Road Baptist’s Sign|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=350|height=264]
Muldoon Road Baptist’s sign is extremely difficult to read, even when viewed close-up. This photo, taken from the parking lot close to the sign, illustrates why it’s virtually impossible to see from the road. Muldoon Road is a busy street, with many distractions. One might catch the church name, but you won’t see the worship times or any other information. This sign, if redone, might be more effective displayed lower on the church showing only the church name, service times, and web address.

It’s my opinion all signage on this solid Southern Baptist church is dated and ineffective.

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