Today is Palm Sunday 2011

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As Anchorage is so close to the International Date Line, most of the world will have already celebrated Palm Sunday by the time I post this. Palm Sunday is the day most of Christendom commemorates Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem as recorded in the gospels (Matthew 21, Mark 11, John 12).

This day is the start of Holy Week, where the events of Jesus’ last days are remembered with various events and ceremonies in many churches.

Many mainline churches use palm fronds, either with the children or everyone, to symbolize the event recorded in scripture. They are variously used but I enjoy seeing children waving them to joyful songs. I did not grow up in a palm frond waving church. I can imagine it would have made a deep impression on me as a child.

I Googled “Palm Sunday Services Anchorage 2011” and found Palm Sunday service listings for the following churches on the first two results pages. (Most Google users don’t dig down past the first two pages.) You may get other results with different search terms.

First Congregational Church
Archdiocese of Anchorage
All Saints Episcopal
Chapel by the Sea
Unity of Anchorage Church
Anchorage Lutheran Church
Holy Transfiguration Greek Orthodox
Faith Lutheran Church

Few Palm Sunday services were mentioned on the Anchorage Daily News Matters of Faith listings in the Saturday paper.

In closing, as always, I primarily attend church during the Easter season to privately worship rather than observe and write. Many of us recognize that Easter is a time when those who do not normally attend church, do come. During this time churches hold many special events and the air, for a first time visitor, is usually completely different than at other times.

I wish all readers a happy Palm Sunday.

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