Baxter Road Bible Church Ends “It’s Not Your Birthday” Giving Program Far Above Expectations!

All month, I’ve been featuring a unique giving program adopted by Baxter Road Bible Church. With their December theme of “It’s Not Your Birthday”, they’ve demonstrated to the Anchorage community their understanding of the true meaning of Christmas.

Where Christmas in the world at large has deteriorated to an unparalleled secular giving spree to each other, under the guise of celebrating the birthday of Jesus Christ, BRBC church members agreed to donate all December giving to local organizations dealing with the less fortunate among us.

Initially, it was thought that approximately $35,000 would be collected this way. Pastor Bob Mather has just shared the final results of that giving, results exceeding estimates by a wide margin. With Christmas Sunday’s giving, BRBC members have contributed over $44,000.

Mather further noted, “As we get down to the end of the month we are concentrating on ministries that don’t have a large donor base supporting them. But we are including AWAIC & Crisis Pregnancy Center, even though they have a relatively large donor base, because they are such important ministries.”

He indicated the monies were directed in the following manner.

Love INC – $4,000 this week – $12,000 for the month.

Gospel Rescue Mission – $2,000 this week – $6,000 for the month.

Alaska Family Council – $2,000 this week – $4,000 for the month.

AWAIC – $1,000 this week – $3,000 for the month.

Crisis Pregnancy Center – $1,000 this week – $3,000 for the month.

Pastor Bob indicated approximately $3,000 remained to be distributed. They’ll wait to see if further contributions come in by December 31. Then, they’ll distribute the final amount.

You can listen to any or all of BRBC’s “It’s Not Your Birthday” sermons, or download the sermon notes by clicking here. I applaud this gentle church of individuals who have put their money where their mouth is, demonstrating to their community and each other, that this does not have to be a season dedicated to giving to ourselves. In my opinion, Baxter Road Bible Church deserves the Church of the Year award in Anchorage.

This is not a putdown of other ministries who give mightily to the local community through the year. Rather, it’s recognition that by dedicating all church giving, in a month of ostentatious display, giving to ourselves, family, and friends, the true meaning of God’s gift to mankind can be given new meaning. Thanks to all at Baxter Road Bible Church for showing us a better way.

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