Check Out ChangePoint’s New Lenten Blog

ChangePoint has created a new blog for the duration of Lent called A Journey Through Lent . I’m quite impressed with this heartfelt creative writing offering, penned by the hand of ChangePoint’s Communications Director Adam Legg.

Not steeped in the Lenten tradition, Adam clearly and passionately explains the journey he and his wife are taking to incorporate the significance of Lent in their personal lives, along with a strong focus for others.

I’m particularly impressed with their concentration on their physical health and diet, plus a passion for the world. In his second post he explained this more fully:

My wife and I observe Lent by “laying something down and taking something up.” So we not only fast from something, but we add something as well. This year we will be fasting from meat and going vegetarian for the 40 days of Lent and we will be taking up praying for the world. We have a map of the world and a world prayer guide that will lead us through praying for each country during this season. We have greatly enjoyed celebrating Lent in this way.

Although Lent is not part of ChangePoint’s tradition, Adam has been invited to express this very personal journey through ChangePoint’s Pastor’s Blog. I’m enjoying reading his posts and am sure you will too. God bless you Adam as you share your journey with us this Lent!

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