Abundance of Christmas Eve/Christmas Day Services Offered for 2011

A Google search located a goodly number of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services in Anchorage churches. I used the search terms anchorage church services christmas 2011 and found many pages of local church service offerings.

Additionally, the Anchorage Daily News published, in their December 10 “A Section” centerfold, an extensive listing of local church ads and services scheduled for Christmas Eve and day.

Finally, the Anchorage Daily News Matters of Faith page in the “A Section” tomorrow, will list various local church worship options of note.

As Christmas falls on Sunday this year, many people will be attending services at their local church of choice. However, I urge Church Visits readers to seek out Christmas services offering unique opportunities to discover the Christ of Christmas in new and meaningful ways. Too often glitz substitutes for content. A pageant requiring a ticket to attend may be a “feel good event” but lack heart substance. Fortunately most of the church ticket events are over. Many of you have seen the “Charlie Brown Christmas Special”, and remember the impact of Linus reading the Christmas Story out of Luke. It doesn’t have to be glitzy.

Wishing a meaningful Christmas to readers of this blog.
Chris Thompson

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