Church Visits Google Map Goes Over 10,000 Visits!

People are looking for Anchorage churches to visit. The custom Google map of churches I’ve created, based on my visits to them, has just gone over 10,000 visits. View my map by clicking HERE.[img_assist|nid=163020|title=Google Map of Churches I’ve Visited|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=350|height=259]
Some pastors and parishioners are all too eager to discount my visits as being too hasty, harsh, and biased when it’s been a bad visit. Restaurants are often in the same position when seeing an unfavorable review. However, I do revisit churches that do not live up to the criteria I use in a visit. They are also listed in the right pane on this blog and include:

• Friendliness and warmth
• Genuine welcome, true Christian hospitality
• Effective, well-delivered Bible-based main teaching
• Music deepening the worship, not just entertainment

It’s easier to curse the reviewer than take a hard look at church practices which prompt my comments. Second visits to the same church tend to reveal consistency, i.e., if a church is unfriendly on the first visit, they’re likely to be unfriendly on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th visit. Visitors generally take 5-7 minutes from arrival to decide whether or not they’ll make a return visit.

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