Palm Sunday 2013 – Tomorrow

It’s Palm Sunday tomorrow, March 24. Palm Sunday is celebrated in many Christian churches to commemorate Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem on the week he was captured, tried and crucified.

Reeds or palm fronds were thrown into the road to giving Jesus a carpet of green in celebration, like a King, to his arrival in Jerusalem. It also marks the start of Holy Week in which many of the preliminary events are also commemorated.

Palm Sunday, in most churches, is celebrated with joyful music, singing, and praise to God, a significant departure from how the week ends with the darkness of Good Friday.

There are many good Palm Sunday services in churches tomorrow. I would estimate over three-fourths of Anchorage churches celebrate this day. A Google search using the words palm sunday anchorage 2013 revealed fifteen different churches on the first three pages of the results.

You can search for my previous Palm Sunday write-ups by clicking HERE. It’s possible you might find an ideal church in my reviews.

Have a happy Palm Sunday as we enter Holy Week.