Central Christian Finally Updates Website Worship Times

Well, finally it happened! After months of being in error, Central Christian Church, a primarily electronic-based church out of Las Vegas, has updated their website for Anchorage to actually display the correct service times. Congratulations for doing what virtually any church website coordinator should have done immediately.

I’ll probably not revisit this church anytime soon, due to their one-Sunday-per-month “live” pastor’s outrageous reference to communion as being merely a “snack”, in deference to the “real meal”, the BBQ after the service. This grievous error still needs to be explained to the Anchorage church community. Personally, I consider that statement to be a sacrilege.

I also believe it’s problematic to try to offer church via a “live” video broadcast with a distant Las Vegas pastor, when a number of Anchorage churches offer decent services not offering the “snack”, but real communion with true meaning and life-giving Bible-based services, outside of a cold, sterile, high-school setting. If you don’t believe me, write me at ChurchVisits@gmail.com and I’ll give you a list of five good choices for your consideration.