UPDATE: Central Christian’s Posted Worship Time on Website Still Wrong!

]If a church organization is trying to start and grow a church, I’m curious as to why they would allow the wrong worship time being posted on their website long after they’ve been told it’s wrong. A commercial business would not long survive if key pieces of business information were missing from their website.

According to the church member I talked with on Palm Sunday at Central Christian – Dimond High, they changed to the 11:00 a.m. worship time much earlier in the year. By choosing to ignore an incorrect worship time posted on their website, one wonders what other things might be being ignored in their ministry and operations. Two weeks have passed since they heard personally from me, and five days have passed since I posted my review of my visit to Central Christian on this blog.

If Central Christian is trying to reach the younger set, an acknowledged user of internet and social media, they are failing in their mission by announcing incorrect worship times.

A regular business would not tolerate an incorrectly posted time on their website. Customers who are disadvantaged by incorrectly posted times on a website are unlikely to come back at the correct time, due to the sting of the inconvenience of arriving at wrongly posted time.