Prevo Love Offering This Sunday

My mailbox recently disgorged a “Love Offering” appeal for funds (see below) for Dr. Jerry Prevo and his wife, Carol. Ostensibly, it was sent out by the deacons and assistant pastors of Anchorage Baptist Temple. Special emphasis was placed upon his 42 years of ministry here in Anchorage.

I understand the concept of gathering a love offering, especially for underpaid, and less recognized pastors. What I do not understand is taking a “Love Offering” year after year for a pastor who undoubtedly is not underpaid. Pastoring one of Alaska’s few megachurches, Dr. Prevo must collect an adequate salary, although I could not verify that amount. Christ said to sell everything you had and give it to the poor. Is this the model?

Paul labored in the New Testament epoch, primarily sustained in his ministry by tentmaking. The Southern Baptist Convention is encouraging more of it’s pastors to be gainfully employed while pastoring their churches.

The “Love Offering” practice in cases like this sustain church critics or the unchurched who consistently note that “…it’s all about the money.” As you will note in the attached copy of the letter or the download, payments are asked to be paid directly to the Prevo’s. The love offering is to be submitted by October 6, 2013, this coming Sunday.

I believe Church Visits readers would love to understand more about this practice. Please share your thoughts if you have information to share.