Beast Feast: Great Food and Conversation

Recently Bob Mather, Sr. Pastor of Baxter Road Bible Church, invited me to an event for men called Beast Feast. Held at the church on a Saturday afternoon, it featured wild game dishes and other tasty food brought by the men of this church.

The focus was on manly conversation, food, and a guest speaker. It was a beautiful sunny spring day, and we ate outdoors. I sat with Pastor John Carpenter, and several other members. We had a great discussion, and a comfortable time. Pastor John, former Channel 2 sportscaster, has made a marvelous transition to BRBC. He has quickly become an essential part of the fabric of this delightful church. He and Pastor Bob share preaching and other ministerial responsibilities.

Our state bird, the mosquito, was out for an early romp. We had a delightful time keeping them at bay before they carried us away. After lunch, we were invited back inside to hear member Gene Moe regale us with stories of his adventures in the great outdoors in Alaska.

Yes, Gene did tell us the marvellous story of his bear encounter. Just Google “gene moe bear attack” to find a number accounts of his bear adventures. Gene is clearly in love with God’s country, nature in Alaska, and has a healthy regard for God himself. It was a pleasure to meet him and hear his stories.

This was my second invitation to BRBC’s Beast Feast and each time it has been most enjoyable. I sincerely appreciate their emphasis on activities for men, something that few Anchorage churches have.

35 of BRBC’s men have planned a float fishing trip on the Gulkana River later next week, with a definite spiritual emphasis during the trip. It promises to be a great experience, and will be led by Pastor Carpenter.

I hope to share highlights of this trip in the future as I’ll be joining this fine group of men. My thanks to Pastor Bob and Pastor John for showing me exceptional Christian hospitality.

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