Great Pandemic Read for Christians & Free Class!

This powerful book by noted biblical scholar N.T. Wright, offers help for Christians thinking through their reactions and responses to the Covid-19 pandemic. By reflecting on scripture, prayer, and teaching from Jesus’ life, Wright offers help for Christians to think differently about disaster and their reaction to it. Unfortunately, the pandemic has divided many Christians and pulled them out of the arc of their spiritual progress.

Studying this book can help you answer these questions:

  • What should be the Christian response?
  • How should we think about God?
  • How do we live in the present?
  • Why should we lament?
  • What should we learn about ourselves?
  • How do we recover?

Free Zoom study class of God and the Pandemic
I am prepared to lead a class in a study of this wonderful volume. If you would like to study this slim book in a group format using Zoom remote meeting software, email your name and phone number to me at You will receive confirmation, study dates, and access information. If you do not have a copy of this valuable book, you can order it in Amazon Kindle or Paperback form. Links to do so are provided below. Just click on the format you would like. You will need the book in order to start the class.

Paperback Version

I look forward to this journey together!


Kindle Version

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