Religious Classical Music – KLEF 98.1 FM – Sunday Mornings

You will enjoy listening to KLEF 98.1 FM on Sunday Mornings, 6-9 a.m. as host Jon Sharpe presents three-hours of awesome classical religious music. I’ve listened to this program for years, and have never been disappointed.

2022 – 4th Quarter

Oct   2 22-40 Handel’s oratorio “Israel in Egypt,” and Songs of Penitence 

  9 22-41 A Vaughan Williams Retrospective 150 Years after his birth.

16 22-42 Sin:  Songs of Confession, Repentance, and Forgiveness

23 22-43 Requiems Old and New:  from Mozart and Heidi Breyer (her “Amor Aeternis”)

30 22-44 “A Coronation Service,”  looking back at sacred British Monarchical tradition.

Nov   6 22-45 Sacred Music from the Rococo Era

13 22-46 “Be Still My Soul” – Sacred Songs of Comfort

20   22-47 Handel’s “Ode for St. Cecilia’s Day,”  and Berlioz’ “Messe solennelle”

27 22-48 Advent begins, with “Hope”

Dec  4 22-49 Advent: “Prophecy”

11 22-50 Advent:  Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ

18 22-51 Advent: “Incarnation”

25 22-52 A Christmas Celebration on Christmas Day!

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Program Producer: Jon Sharpe