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Vacation Bible Schools – July & August 2015 – Anchorage

Here is a list of Vacation Bible Schools (VBS) scheduled for July & August 2015. ┬áIt may not be complete but is the result of a Google search going down to the first 5 or 6 pages of the search results. Clicking on the name of the church will take you to the church website. If your church is not listed and should be, email me at churchvisits@gmail.com and I’ll add you.
7/13-17/15 St John UMC
7/13-17/15 First Baptist – Eagle River
7/13-17/15 Baxter Road Bible Church
7/20-24/15 First Christian Methodist Episcopal
7/20-24/15 Holy Cross Catholic
7/27-31/15 Chapel By the Sea
7/27-31/15 Lutheran Church of Hope
7/29-8/2/15 Anchorage Lutheran
8/3-8/7/15 Peace Lutheran – Eagle River