One of the great sins of the Christian church is in allowing Christmas to be hijacked by commercial interests. This is a very recent phenomena but has driven millions into great financial catastrophe, and is a discredit to the church of Christ. Unfortunately, few church leaders are brave enough to counsel their members in better behaviors, because many of their members are working for, or are those very merchants commercializing Christmas.  It’s easier to say “let’s put Christ back in Christmas”, than to deliver and listen to messages on how to achieve it. Here are some excellent resources to assist with a Christmas refocus.

What Would Jesus Buy?
Click link to watch:

Excellent Advent Video by a Church
This short video reminds us of the true purpose of Advent, how it’s observed and how it’s various symbols and practices relate to the Christian faith.

Printed Resources

Free Advent Worship Guide
This link provides a free Advent Worship Guide.