Why this blog?

I’ve been looking for a church. Not just any church but one relevant to my own particular walk.

Brought up in a strict, conservative, evangelical church, and educated primarily in church schools and colleges, I felt the need to discover, on my own, the necessary foundations for my belief. In this quest I have visited and worshipped with many streams of religious persuasion.

Occasionally, I’ve discovered some great belief communities, only to realize later that there was something amiss at the core.

During my journey, of necessity I have been exposed to many churches and congregations. As entrance conduits to various religions, I have sometimes become disenchanted with how many of them failed in attracting hungry hordes, desperate for the meaning religion can bring to one’s life. Often this failure starts at the church front door and is detectable, by an outsider, with a simple visit.

An amateur biblical scholar and student of religions, I probably come to churches knowing “too much.” My wife and I have searched, seemingly in vain, for a religious community we both can share, one that brings relevance and structure to our lives.

We are not alone. I feel a brief review of a typical church visit, and its impressions upon an observer, can be a real service to people looking for a faith community.

This blog is launched to create a meaningful dialog and useful conversation for those seeking meaning in religious worship.

The key criterion for these reviews is:
· Is the church friendly and warm? Did I truly feel welcomed?
· Was the main teaching relevant to my personal walk and was it delivered effectively?
· Did the music merely entertain or did it deepen the worship experience?

The Associate Editor of Christianity Today observed last week, “Would anyone in our community notice if our church stopped meeting?” This is a great question, one that I hope we address in this blog.

Here’s to a great conversation!

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