N.T. Wright, a New Testament Scholar Worth Discovering

As a follow-up to my story on St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, I want to introduce readers of every religious persuasion to N.T. Wright, a biblical scholar of depth who makes the bible so much more understandable. He is the Church of England’s (British counterpart of the Episcopal Church in the U.S.) Bishop of Durham.
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One of World’s Top Biblical Scholars
Bishop Wright is considered to be one of the top biblical scholars in the world. A New Testament scholar, he is an extremely prolific writer with dozens of books published. A religion professor friend recently observed, “He puts the rest of us to shame for the quantity and quality of his output.” His books are very readable, easily communicating a wealth of knowledge and understanding.

Wow, can he write

Several recent books of note by Bishop Wright are:
The Last Word: Beyond the Bible Wars to a New Understanding of the Authority of Scripture
In this book, he shows how both evangelicals and liberals misread scripture and further shares how to restore the Bible’s authority today for guiding the church through its many controversies.
Surprised by Hope
For years Christians have been asking, “If you died tonight, do you know where you would go?” It turns out that many believers have been giving the wrong answer. Wright biblically argues it is not heaven.
Simply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense
Simply Christian walks the reader through the Christian faith step by step and question by question. With simple yet exciting and accessible prose, Wright challenges skeptics by offering explanations for even the toughest doubt-filled dilemmas, leaving believers with a reason for renewed faith. This book is the first book since C.S. Lewis’s Mere Chrisianity that simply explains what Christianity is.

A Treasure Chest of N.T. Wright Resources

N.T. Wright lectures widely. Audio or video recordings are easily available for download over the internet. His sermons, writings, and links to many of these audio and video recordings can be found at the Unofficial N.T. Wright Page. He was featured this week on the Steven Colbert show aptly providing a dynamic testimony despite Colbert’s comedic interjections. This link will take you to the clip. Click here to go to the N.T. Wright/Colbert exchange.

I urge you to step outside the box and explore the biblical insights of this major Christian scholar.

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