Muldoon Road Baptist – Visitor Friendly

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A mid-January visit revealed Muldoon Road Baptist Church to be a visitor-friendly church. Entering by the clearly-marked VISITOR ENTRANCE on the side of the church, I was greeted by the pastor who stepped out from his front pew position. Giving me a warm welcome, Pastor Jimmie Woods also gave me a large peppermint candy, a first for my church visits in Anchorage. It turned out this was his final Sunday with this church but unlike another church visit during a final pastoral Sunday, this time I was not totally ignored but was personally invited many times to join the congregation in a farewell lunch. Pastor Jimmie gave a meaningful sermon of hope highlighting that the God of the stars had not lost control. I was surprised this huge Southern-style church was so lightly attended. The special music was the wonderful Southern Gospel song, “Til the Storm Passes By”, one not often heard in church anymore. I wish this church well as they begin to work with their new pastor. An update will appear later this year.
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