ChangePoint’s App Exceeding Expectations!

ChangePoint recently released an app for the iPhone, iPad, iTouch, and Android. As they are the first Alaska church to release an app, I was very excited to share this news with Church Visit blog readers on my April 20, 2011 post (click here to view).

I contacted Adam Legg, ChangePoint’s Communications Director, to see how it’s going after three weeks. He was duly excited, sharing their free app had downloaded over 900 times, and had been launched over 2,900 times (people using it). Adam further noted each launch was over 30 minutes long, indicating significant sermon listening time, and/or Bible listening or reading time! This equates to usage of close to 90,000 minutes or 1,481 hours in the initial three weeks.

Adam is clearly joyful! “That is 1,481 hours that people have spent listening to, or reading truth, and that is exciting! These numbers are far beyond what I expected. I’m excited that people are finding this to be a useful tool to stay connected with ChangePoint!”

In a city where comparatively few churches have determined how to construct and maintain “effective church websites”, ChangePoint has already taken church effectiveness to the next level by successfully launching their app for this incredibly popular new generation of Smart devices.

Personally I’m looking for future updates to ChangePoint’s app. I’m sure they will continue to add features to assist with their mission.

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