Two Month Update on ChangePoint’s App

While I’ve been somewhat critical of ChangePoint’s direction in the past, I’ve been intrigued with their leadership in electronic media, especially their recently released app.

I sat down earlier this week with Adam Legg, ChangePoint Communications Director, to take stock at the close of the 2nd month of their app’s availability. Adam was very excited as he shared the app’s numbers.

• downloaded over 1,500 times
• used almost 7,000 times
• 200,000+ minutes (3,300+ hrs.) of use

Adam also shared his delight at seeing huge increases in the number of people listening to their messages online. In May alone, they experienced an increase of over 500 people per week listening this way. He further noted “During May we had more people listen to our messages online through our app, website, and blog, than live at ChangePoint. Our ‘Digital Campus’ is becoming larger than our physical campus in terms of reach. The release of our app has exceeded every possible expectation I had for it.”

ChangePoint’s blog, in which Teaching Pastor Dan Jarrell, and other leaders in their church community share their thoughts, is also seeing goodly use. As an example, Adam shared that the blog posted last Saturday has been viewed by close to 500 people. He also noted there are now over 1,800 in their Facebook community. Finally, he said their metrics indicate that 46% of their website visitors are new. ChangePoint is clearly doing something right with their use of electronic media.

ChangePoint recently announced a new church plant which will commence operating at Bartlett High in the fall. It will be pastored by Greg McCormack.

In summary, in a period when many churches are ignoring, poorly using, or decrying the use of electronic media, ChangePoint is clearly leading the way with effective websites, blogs, and apps. They also encourage the use, in and out of church, of iPads, iPhones, iTouch and related smart devices. To them, it’s all consistent with the spread of the Word. Their messaging is consistent and clearly identifiable. (See the screenshot of the app’s sermon page below) I look forward to talking with Adam next month as they wind up their third month of the app’s release. Why? As the only church in Alaska with an app, ChangePoint’s vision excites me. I’m reasonably certain their app will show a quickening of the pace of it’s acceptance and use. [img_assist|nid=157489|title=Sermon Page – ChangePoint’s App|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=327|height=490]

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