Trinity Pres Still Delivers

As often mentioned in this blog, I’ve observed that outstanding churches tend to stay consistent. During the summer I’ve been visiting some of Anchorage’s most consistent churches. It’s reassuring to enter a church, receive a warm greeting, feel the hospitality of the congregation, rediscover that music is not treated as entertainment, and enjoy a thought-provoking message, all within an hour.

I’ve just described what I experience at Trinity Presbyterian every time I visit. My blogging visits don’t allow me to visit this excellent mid-Hillside church as often as I’d like. Few in the congregation know who I am, but I thoroughly enjoy every visit there. Pastor’s Tom and Tammy Letts provide an atmosphere of one-on-one intimacy not seen often in Anchorage congregations. My visit on July 24, 2011 was like coming home.

I was surprised to see Pastor Tom playing the guitar with the musicians up front: didn’t realize that was one of his many talents. I do know he shares his excellent musical talents in ASD schools, especially South High. A talented trombonist, he also encourages younger musicians to put their musical skills to us. As always, Trinity’s music is blended through the service and clearly not a focal point of entertainment as with so many other Anchorage churches.

During the Passing of the Peace, I was warmly greeted by many friendly people. In many churches, I’m left ignored while hugs and kisses, recipe sharing, and catching up on the news of the week are flowing around me. Not at Trinity!

Tom’s sermon was excellent, based on Acts 18:19 – 19:10. He engages his audience in his messages, and preaches extemporaneously, something I’d like to see more pastors do. I have excellent reading skills. If a pastor wants to read me his sermon, I’d rather be handed it to read sparing me from lack of eye contact, and the difficulty of listening to his written style vs. spoken style. You can listen to Pastor Letts’ sermon by clicking HERE.

Finally, I enjoyed the special music, Hallowed Lord’s Prayer, beautifully sung by a young woman singer.

If you are looking for a church where you can experience God in new and unique ways, give Trinity a try.

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