ChangePoint’s App: Use Still Growing After 6 Mos.

If you do not know what an app is, you must not use a smartphone. October 20 recently marked the six-month point since ChangePoint released their app. As I met with Adam Legg, ChangePoint’s Director of Communications, it was obvious he was pleased with the growing adoption, worldwide, of their app.

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Adam shared the following impressive statistics representing the first six-months:
–There have been 16,860 uses of the app.
–These uses have generated 505,800 minutes of use.
–App downloaded to 2,681 devices.
–No day has passed without someone downloading the app.
–The number of listeners doubled during the sixth month.
–They’re seeing a huge India listener-ship.[img_assist|nid=158659|title=Adam Legg, ChangePoint’s Dir of Communications|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=350|height=467]

This is nothing short of amazing! Those 505,800 minutes represents 8,430 hours, or 351 days of use. When asked where the use of their app was concentrated, Legg indicated it was in listening to sermons. Amazingly, these statistics indicate ChangePoint’s digital campus has doubled the size and reach of their church without any lessening of attendance at the main campus!

Legg shared that ChangePoint’s app was born out of a rethinking of their strategies for communicating. As a result of these efforts, they recently received an award from “Church Juice”, an organization dedicated to church communication strategies and practices. This group gives awards to churches who demonstrate excellence in communications. These awards are called “Juicy’s” and ChangePoint was recently named as The Juicys Communications Church of the Year (Larger Churches). This is certainly a well-deserved award and ChangePoint is to be congratulated for its efforts to focus energy in more effective methods of communication, locally and into the rest of the world.

I love to see churches addressing communications issues internally with creative strategies that save money, and increase effectiveness. This app is but one way ChangePoint is demonstrating their fiscal responsibility and creative spread of the gospel using new tools that have become available for smartphones and other electronic devices. Few Alaska churches have seen fit to adopt these strategies. I’ve only located three Alaskan churches who are using apps as a means of spreading the gospel. My thanks to ChangePoint for being so open about the results of the use of their app. I’m surprised more Alaska churches have not seized on to this thoroughly modern technology to expand their reach and effectiveness.

Congratulations ChangePoint on your successes with your app! I look forward to continued positive reports.

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