Happy Easter 2012!

I’ll be attending several services around town, tweeting the ones I’m at, as appropriate.[img_assist|nid=160671|title=Celebrate & Share the Good News!|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=350|height=189]

Well-known British theologian, and prolific author N.T. Wright offers some great Easter celebration advice in his book Surprised by Hope.

Easter ought to be an eight-day festival, with champagne served after morning prayer or even before, with lots of alleluias and extra hymns and spectacular anthems. It is any wonder people find hard to believe in the resurrection of Jesus if we don’t throw our hats in the air? Is it any wonder we find it hard to live the resurrection if we don’t do it exuberantly in our liturgies? It is any wonder the world doesn’t take much notice if Easter is celebrated as simply the one-day happy ending tacked on to forty days of fasting and gloom? It’s long over due that we took a hard look at how we keep Easter in church, at home, in our personal lives, right through the system.

I believe and will certainly be celebrating Christ’s resurrection today!

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