My Recent Compass Column

The following items provide links to readings or videos related to my recent Anchorage Daily News Compass column on short-term mission vs. local addressable needs by churches.

Some readers perceived those comments as an attack, although I only referred to three churches without naming them. To encourage further dialog and exploration, I’m posting here several excellent reading and video selections bent toward stimulating a discussion of where our mission should truly be. The debate is much larger than this writer. As always, drive your questions and observations into the comments. Thank you for being a part of the conversation.[img_assist|nid=161541|title=Por Favor by Florence Squire (my mother)|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=350|height=278]

VIDEO: Are Short Term Mission Trips Effective?
This CBN video features missionaries talking about problems created by short-term missionaries, and churchmen talking about the need for better training and balance in short-term missions.

VIDEO: Are Short Term Mission Trips Worth Doing?
Well-known pastor, John Piper responds with a maybe.

VIDEO: Missionaries Speak About Short Term Missions
Here we have missionaries talking about the changed paradigm of short-term missions and the problems it presents them.

Blog Post: “Voluntourism”…”Poverty Tourism”…”Short-term Missions”
Good discussion with balanced thoughts about positive and negatives of short-term missions. Some useful correctives noted.

Blog Post: A Non-Advocate of Short-Term Missions
Excellent blog post with interesting stories and observations about the problematic nature of short-term missions.

Book Review: Wasted Charity-Why the ‘compassion industry’ is not helping the poor. A review of ‘Toxic Charity’
Christianity Today’s review of Bob Lupton’s insightful book, “Toxic Charity’.

‘Vacationaries’ Bob Lupton article in The Mennonite – p.12
Excellent article critiquing short-term missions by Bob Lupton, author of ‘Toxic Charity’ where some of this material appears.

‘Short-Term Missions, Long-Term Impact’  ‘Short-Term Missions, Long-Term Impact’
MissioDei article from Harding School of Theology—Feb 2012 providing a biblical model for short-term missions and thoughtful insight for building a successful program.

The Short Term Missionary vs. Vacationary debate; More Thoughts on ‘Toxic Charity’ and ‘When Helping Hurts’
Excellent Aquila Report article on the short-term missionary/vacationary debate.

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