Advent Reflection: Chaplain Rolf Holmquist

I’ve asked a cross-section of Anchorage pastors to comment upon Advent as an Antidote for Acquisitiveness or Consumerism. Our next pastor featured is Chaplain Rolf Holmquist, Maj. USAF, 673 ABW/HC JBER.

Advent is upon us as we prepare our hearts for the coming of Christmas. We wait for the second coming of Jesus, as we also ponder on his first arrival on Earth. The church celebrates Advent with the lighting of Advent candles. Each candle represents a different theme, one of hope, peace, joy and love. These themes are drawn out of scripture from our church fathers around the 6th century.

There is also significance in the color of the candles. Historically, the primary sanctuary color of Advent is purple. This is the color of royalty to welcome the Advent of the King. In many churches, the third Sunday remains the Sunday of Joy marked by a rose-colored candle. Lastly, the Christ Candle is white to remind us that Jesus is the spotless Lamb of God, sent to wash away our sins.

I have always liked candles. I enjoy the way candles cast off a warm glow on a cold winter’s night. I know about cold winters, I am stationed in Alaska. Today’s high in Anchorage, Alaska was 27 degrees. I think about what it must have been like for the first settlers to endure a winter in wild Alaska. The early pioneers lit candles just to see inside their cabin, when the sun went down. It is amazing how something as small as the flicker of the flame on a candle, has the ability to light up a whole room.

I believe that is how it is with us Christians. Though the candle of our soul may be small, it should light up the whole room. This Advent season, we have a reason to be joyous. We are deeply loved by a God that gave the very first present on Christmas – himself. As we light the advent candles in church this month, think about what they represent — hope, peace, joy and love. Does the world see these attributes of God displayed in us? Is our candle lit? With this understanding of the love of God, we should be lighting up the whole world!

Go ahead this Advent— take your candle and go light your world!


There is a candle in every soul
Some brightly burning, some dark and cold
There is a Spirit who brings a fire
Ignites a candle and makes His home

Carry your candle, run to the darkness
Seek out the helpless, deceived and poor
Hold out your candle for all to see it
Take your candle, go light your world
Take your candle, go light your world

We are a family whose hearts are blazing
So let’s raise our candles and light up the sky
Praying to our Father, in the name of Jesus
Make us a beacon in darkest times

Take your candle, go light your world
Take your candle, go light your world [img_assist|nid=163069|title=Chaplain Rolfe Holmquist, Maj, USAF 673 ABW/HC JBER|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=350|height=490]

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