Advent Reflection: Pastor John Dodson

I’ve asked a cross-section of Anchorage pastors to comment upon Advent as an Antidote for Acquisitiveness or Consumerism. Our next pastor featured is John Dodson, interim pastor of St John UMC (2009-2010). He is also a church consultant.

Advent is a time for preparation and expectancy. It is a good time to take stock, to reflect and consider what are the best things in life. Most people if pressed would not say that the latest fashion item or a plastic wrapped doll or space man were among the best things in life. Advent is about what is the best thing in life! Life is made up of small good things that result in a great life. Like kindness, friendship, family bonds, love between persons and respect for each other. If we took these as meaningful experiences in our lives, we might want to fashion our gift giving after those values.

Give the gift of yourself this Christmas. Think of ways you can give a gift that has deeper meaning. A fishing trip for your grandson, a treat to a ballet for your granddaughter, a picnic for the family in the spring time to a favorite place, an offer to give some baby sitting time to a young couple and perhaps you can begin to create some events that are unique to you. Why follow the depressive route of gifts soon discarded and the discouragement that often comes with over spending and feeling like you want to do something different? Now is your chance! Do something different this Christmas!

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