Advent Reflection: Rector Michael Burke

I’ve asked a cross-section of Anchorage pastors to comment upon Advent as an Antidote for Acquisitiveness or Consumerism. Our final pastoral contribution is from Michael Burke, rector of St Mary’s Episcopal Church.

On Second Advent Sunday, I spoke about the “irony, humor, and tragedy” of the fact that “Christmas” (meaning the commercial season stretching from Halloween to December 25th) has eclipsed not only Advent, but the celebration of Christmas as well.

We live in a culture that does not know what to do with Advent, as it seems to “be in the way of” this secular or commercial celebration of “Christmas.”

While Advent was originally practiced as a relatively austere time of “much space” for introspection and the preparation of one’s own heart for the coming of Christ, the busy-ness of the season has crowded that out.

So I wonder… Has the celebration of “Christmas” become the single biggest obstacle to the celebration of … … Christmas?

Attached* is some of what I shared with our congregation regarding how one family responded to this situation, and the different approach they took.

I have since had a couple families report back to me , that this is what they are choosing to do for this Advent / Christmas.

* See attached document available for download below.

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