Advent Reflections Available as downloadable e-Book

Fourteen area pastors, rectors, and priests contributed a wonderful collection of Advent thoughts and reflections based on the theme, “Advent as an Antidote to Acquisitiveness or Consumerism”. Their thoughts were so powerful, individually and collectively, I want to share them with a wider audience. They have been collected in a PDF mini-book which is available for download below. They are presented in the same order as published on this blog.

I would like to express my extreme gratitude to each contributor for taking the time to proffer their thoughts on this theme in such a timely and complete fashion. While I did not receive responses from some of the pastors I approached, some returned their response almost instantly such as Rick Benjamin, former Abbott Loop Community Church pastor. Rick sent me his fine thoughts within minutes of my request.

Pastoral Advent Reflections – Download


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