Shrove Tuesday…Already?

We’ve made it through Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, and all of a sudden, we’re on the cusp of Lent. Sunday was the last Sunday after Epiphany and now we are on the verge of entering Lent with Ash Wednesday being tomorrow.

Just before Lent, there is Shrove Tuesday which is generally observed as a pancake supper. I suppose it’s our poor man’s version of Mardi Gras. These kinds of activities are good ways to see how friendly churches really are.

A Google search using the search terms “shrove Tuesday anchorage 2013” revealed only three churches in the Anchorage area offering Shrove Tuesday pancake suppers. These were the only Anchorage churches noted on the first three pages of a Google search. Most people would never look go further down in a search than looking at the first three pages. The churches I found are:

St. John UMC
Christ Church Episcopal
St. Mark Lutheran

Churches that don’t do a great job of keeping the public informed about their doings generally won’t make this list. For example, if the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper is only in their bulletin, but not on their website, it won’t be seen by the general public on Google.

For history and background of Shrove Tuesday click here for a link to Wikipedia.