Good Friday 2013 is Here

Another Good Friday, and worshipers are planning to attend the churches of their choice sometime today. This day observes the capture, trial, death, and burial of Jesus. For most of our city this day will be the same as any other.

The houses of entertainment will be jammed with throngs of pleasure seekers while a small fraction of Christians in our city will take time to stop, think, and reflect on the meaning of the finished work of Jesus. In my lifetime, I can recall Good Friday as a day primarily reserved for work, and religious observances, but not for entertainment. I realize our multicultural society, with its variety of beliefs and insatiable desires for entertainment, no longer supports a more religious tone for this and other Christian holidays.

Yesterday’s Anchorage Daily News’ center section was devoted to listings of various church observances and times posted for Good Friday and Easter services. I’ll be out worshiping God this evening, reflecting on the meaning of this day. A Google search using the terms good friday services anchorage 2013 showed many individual church service listings on the critical first three pages*. You can also add a specific religion to the search, or even the name of a church to obtain a closer match.

Have a blessed Good Friday!

*If a church is not shown on the first three pages, a searcher will not likely go further for a result. Churches doing a poor job of maintaining effective websites will generally not show on the first three pages. Often this is due to their websites being created and maintained by well-meaning members or volunteers. Ineffective websites will have a direct impact on a church’s ability to attract new members, and retain existing ones.