Visiting Anchorage – Looking for a Friendly Service?

Welcome to Anchorage, the crossroads of visitor travel to Alaska! Many Anchorage visitors, here on the weekends, look forward to worshiping here as they do normally at home. You can Google search this blog to receive specific church visit recommendations. For example, a search with these keywords “ church visits friendly” will return articles where I’ve remarked about friendly churches.

Map it Out!
If you are staying in a specific area of Anchorage, you can view the Google Map of church visits I’ve made in various areas of our town and outlying towns. The link to the map is located on the right.

Free List of Church Recommendations
Finally, I offer a short list of churches in Anchorage that are safe choices. This brief list highlights churches offering the following:

* warm and friendly greetings
* true Christian hospitality
* music that will not blast your eardrums
* music close to the sermon topic
* Bible-based messages

Just send an email request to and the list will be sent to you within hours. Specify either Protestant or Catholic. Have a pleasant visit in Anchorage and may your church experiences be spiritually refreshing.