Church B Revealed

Last month I wrote about my visits to two different churches in Anchorage, churches of differing faith traditions. I used my column to draw a contrast between them. As usual, some of those posting comments took the opportunity to poke fun at me and the words I wrote describing the differences between the services, and Christianity or religion in general. If you’ve not read this particular column, you can read it HERE.

Church B was Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church. My visit to their fine church was a high point of my Anchorage Church visits. They were welcoming and friendly to a fault. Their music was sheer joy, and so Spirit led. No one could dare call it entertainment. It spoke of their journey and where they were going.

The messaging delivered by the ministers and singers was clear, not cloaked in some unintelligible “churchese”. I was clearly left with the impression this church loves and respects their clergy, their musicians, and each other. Sunday morning is sacred time to them and they spend it with gratitude and joy.

What I do has no similarity to restaurant reviews. People in Anchorage are seeking churches that feed the soul, and help them grow spiritually. So many churches these days are splitting up over fractious social and spiritual issues. It’s such a joy for me to visit a church that seems to have it all.

Thanks to the fine people of Shiloh for a wonderful visit! God bless you as you shepherd your members and guests in their faith journey. Thank you too for showing me Genesis 18 hospitality!

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