Get Ashed? Really?

Well, it’s Ash Wednesday 2019. It seems it’s very stylish this year to refer to this special day, for over half of Christendom, as the day to “get ashed”. I even saw it on a local church sign. In this post-Christian era, it’s becoming very popular to employ “slanguage” in referring to major Christian events. I’m sure “get wined & breaded” is not far behind. Some local Fundamentals (fundies) refer to immersion baptism and “being dunked”.

Of course, if you don’t have a church you’re “unchurched”; if you do, you’re “churched”. We can quickly undo the wonderful language and terms of Christendom with a bit of irreverance.

For those who long for the Christian era, you can rescue part of it by not trivializing the work of, and major events of the church. Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent which precedes Easter. A 40-day period which is marked by prayer, sometimes fasting, spiritual introspection, and spiritual renewal.

May your Lenten season be filled with grace, peace, and introspection.



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