Pastoral Promises

I’ve enjoyed visiting many Anchorage and the Mat-Su congregations over the past couple of years. My visits haven’t always turned out the way I envisioned, but many of them exceeded my expectations, surprisingly so. For these, I’m truly thankful. In connection with these visits I sometimes receive personal or emailed invitations, from pastors, to get together over coffee or lunch. Sometimes pastors are seeking to better understand why I wrote what I did, or to offer various explanations for certain church practices. I look forward to these opportunities to gain a better understanding of the churches represented by these pastors. Accordingly, I’ve been extremely fortunate to meet with several pastors during this time, and have learned more about the dynamics of their church, faith, and our community. Unfortunately, a certain number of these promises have proven to be empty promises with no further communication.

This started me thinking, “Does this also happen with you, the reader of this blog, and your pastor?” To answer this question, I’ve posted a link to a brief, three question electronic survey below to unscientifically explore if this is a persistent theme or just a fluke.

Please click on the link below (blue bolded “Pastoral Promises Survey”) to take the survey. I’ll share the results of this survey with the readers of this blog later in August. I’ll leave the survey open for approximately 1 ½ weeks. (This is a totally anonymous survey. You will not be tracked in any way for any reason.)


Thank you in advance for your participation!

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