Outrageous Easter Money Grab

One of Anchorage’s illustrious churches has mailed out what may be considered by some to be an offensive appeal for Easter offerings. This mailing suggests that not giving at Easter is equivalent to betraying Jesus just “…as Judas did”.

At least three-fourths of this one-sided single pager is consumed with the monetary aspects of this poorly worded appeal for money. It suggests the only way to thank Jesus for His sacrifice is to send money to this church for unspecified uses. I seem to remember a man called Martin Luther who started the Protestant reformation over issues regarding church collection of monies with the statement “The just shall live by faith.”

All identifications have been removed from this ill-guided mailing, but if you read it, it can clearly be seen that almost its entire focus is on this church’s perception of the monetary aspects of Easter. In reality, the true purpose of Easter is to celebrate with thankfulness and joy the resurrection of our Lord, and our ransom from sin. It’s focus is not to take Easter offerings, cajoling parishioners into “thanking Jesus” by giving money in outrageous amounts as suggested such as “…thirty one-hundred dollar bills”. Christians are Biblically urged to give money, but never as an Easter thank-you gift. Earnest seekers after truth are urged to give Jesus their hearts however.

This Easter, many of us will remember Jesus and His infinitely powerful sacrifice in word, singing, celebration, and prayer having prepared our hearts throughout this Lenten season. This mailer is damaging, especially to those seeking church connections who sadly feel that the only thing many churches care about is the money.

A photo of the scanned copy of this mailer is attached. (not currently available)